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Monday 21 Oct 2019
Eco 4x4/Quads Safari PDF Print E-mail

Join us on an amazing family adventure!

Buffalo Gorge offers one 4x4-trail, and one obstacle course. This trail is also ideal for Quad bikes.

This Eco 4x4 Safari, covers a distance of about 18km. The route offers an opportunity to explore the different eco-zones on the farm and visit the historical & ecological sites listed on the route directions, like the stunning views of the "Avontuur" valley and Selonsriver.

The Safari starts at the Base Camp & passes an old "Cattle Kraal", one of the famous ruins on the farm. After crossing the Bobbejaanloop (stream) you reach the savannah area. The 4x4-trail consists of most of the elements encountered when driving on an off-road trail. There are varying conditions: from short mud sections, to short rocky climbs & descends with marvelous scenery & grass covered slopes.

Although rated as between a grade 2 and 3, seasonal changes could make the trail more challenging, especially when wet.

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Obstical course:

The second trail, namely the "Bobbejaanloop Playground," is a more challenging river section consisting of 16 amazing crossings of various difficulty. You may require guiding to prevent vehicle damage. Ryk, the owner, is passionate about his farm and about ensuring that the experience lives up to the expectation.

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