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Saturday 16 Nov 2019

Buffalo Gorge in the Media (click on thumbnails...)

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Leisure Wheels - Aug 2015
SA 4x4 - September issue 2015
SA 4x4
Ride Mag
Avontuur Vallei beats Eskom
Middelburg Observer
4x4 Safari Roetes en Kyk Net
Leisure Wheels - December 2009
WegRy - June 2011
Leisure Wheels - August 2011
Buffalo Gorge in the Media PDF Print E-mail

Buffalo Gorge in 'Leisure Wheels' - August 2011

Buffalo Gorge in 'WegRy' - June 2011








Avontuur Vallei beats Eskom, that’s why Buffalo Gorge is a must...


Avontuur Vallei

I drink in your beauty

Fly like the wind

Hear your soft whisper

I am silenced by your splendour

For as far as the eye can see

You enchant me

Your endless untouched splendour

frees me

I am lost in time and space

Filled by Grace

To look upon timeless space

That is mine

To remember

For ever.





Avontuur Vallei

Buffelskloof / Buffalo Gorge forms part of the Avontuur Vallei, nestled between mountains and streams during the summer months everything seems to come alive during the seasonal rains it is lush and green.

A long time ago each stone was made and flora flourishes with the abundant rainfall that falls on the Highveld during the summer months.

During winter when nature waits for rebirth during spring she also wears a grass coat rather like a camel’s skin.

But when she sheds her coat and goes green it is a sight worth seeing.  The Selons river glisten’s in the sun making its own melody, its untouched splendour and quiet wonder awaits you.